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Tugas Softskill Bahasa Inggris

NPM      : 14210263
KELAS  : 4EA09

Subject & Verb Agreement

  • Each / every à Verb Singular
Every man, woman, child needs love

Each book at the book store is listed

  • Noun + prepositional phrase à verb lihat noun
The book on the table is mine.

The book on the table are mine

Contoh Soal :

Every girl and boy ( be ) is in the classroom

Eating vegetables is delicious

Watching old movies is interesting

  • Some of            Singular noun à Singular verb
  • A lot of              Plural noun à plural verb
  • None of
  • Half of      
  • Most of 

contoh : 

some of my homework is easy 

some of my homework are easy

  • Each of              diikuti
  • Every of             plural noun à verb tetap singular
  • One of              
contoh : 
each of my friends is here
  • The number of students in this class is 20
  • The number of students are missed the class
1. Some of the fruit in this bowl (is,are) is rotten.
2. some of the apples in that bowl (is,are) are rotten.
3. Most of the movies (is,are) are funny.
4. Half of this money (is,are) is yours.
5. A lot pf clothing in this stores (is,are) are on sale this week.
6. Each of the boys in the class (has,have) has his own notebook.
7. None of the animals at the zoo (is,are) is free to room.
8. The number of employees in my company (is,are) is approximately then thousand.
9. (does/do) do all of this homework have to be finished by tomorrow?

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